Ana do Valle

OTR, SEP, Anthroposophical Counselor

Ana is an Occupational Therapist who specializes in self regulation with infants (birth trauma), children and adults. She is a body centered therapist, certified in Sensory Integration and Neuro-Developmental Approach. She has experience working with trauma resultant from cultural fragmentation and she has studied cross-cultural perspectives of trauma with indigenous and shamanic communities in South America.

Ana has developed a program for Preventing Surgical Trauma addressing the needs of children and adults undergoing medical procedures. She has 30-years experience in the area of Physical Medicine and has worked with clients suffering from Fibromyalgia, Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD), Chronic Pain and other diagnosis related to the autonomic nervous system dysregulation.

Ana facilitates and coordinates Intensive Programs for clients from out of state or the country interested in experiencing a body mind, inter-disciplinary approach to Healing Trauma. These  workshops are on the subjects of affect modulation, self-regulation and surgical trauma prevention. She combines the Sensory Integrative Approach (Sensory Integration Dysfunction) with Somatic Experiencing in healing trauma.



Ana developed a Trauma Informed overlay to Dr Stephen’s Porges Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP), meant to support the clients’s capacity to heal from traumatic experiences without the common feelings of overwhelm.  She organizes  educational and therapeutic activities both in Germany and Brasil for families and individuals interested in learning and experiencing cross-cultural trauma healing modalities. Ana is approved to provide individual and group supervision sessions for all levels of Somatic Experiencing Practitioners.

Ana currently has a private practice in Boulder, CO. She contracts with schools in the area. She is able to provide services in English, Spanish and Portuguese.


"My goal is to assist families, children and adults to encounter joy and balance in life." Ana do Valle


Ana is approved by the Foundation for Human Enrichment to provide individual and group case consultation for all levels of Somatic Experiencing Practitioners. She provides organizational consulting and training on themes related to staff development and the treatment of children with special needs.