What is Anthroposophy?

What is The Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP)?

The Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) is a preparatory tool that can be used at the beginning or at critical points of a therapeutic process in order to help the client stay present and attuned to the healing journey. The SSP is a powerful, short term intervention based on sound-frequencies meant to expand the client’s “window of tolerance for transformation and integration.” It invites the “social engagement network” onboard. The client is then more able to access healing through co-regulation and connection. The SSP was developed by Dr. Steven Porges, the creator of the Polyvagal Theory of Social Engagement.

Ana also works with the Focus Program, which is the use of Classical music and Gregorian chanting supported by bone conduction, as a follow-up home program to the SSP. The Focus Program is a very helpful tool to support continued resilience in the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS). The Focus Program was developed by Dr. Ron Minson. 

Physiological, behavioral, and emotional regulation are supported by the use of music and sound. 

What is Somatic Experiencing?

This approach has been created by Dr Peter Levine.  This body focused modality transforms the” fixed” states of shock, bound in physiological states and behaviors of the individual who has been through a traumatic event.  Ana was gifted with the opportunity to participate in the early data collection and discoveries of Dr Levine. During this period she was able to become familiar with all the clinical, cross-cultural and research-based information that was being gathered for the development of the Somatic Experiencing courses. 


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